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Terms of Service

You can find on this page all the terms and conditions you must agree with to use our services. Those are only accessible in English. Contast us if you need any further information.

General terms

1.1 - Agreement to these terms and conditions

By accessing or using our service, you agree to these Terms. These Terms serve to protect your rights, the rights of other users and our rights. If you do not agree to these terms of use, you must immediately leave the website and stop using our services.

1.2 - Changes in these terms and conditions

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time. These changes will take effect at the time we post it on this page. It is your responsibility to stay aware of these changes.

1.3 - Damages due to the use of our services

Infraink.com is not liable for any damage suffered by the user from the use of the Website.

Infraink's property

2.1 - Resources and images uploaded on the website

We own all resources provided by our website. You have the full right to use them for personal and comercial use (you're responsible for the damages caused by our resources containing third party photos, it's your responsibility to verify you have the right to use them).

2.2 - Resources genrated with our tols

Everything our tools generates is copyright free. You can use it whereever you want for personal and comercial use without asking Infraink.com staff team. However, if you are using our tools for online content, link to our website would be really appreciated.

2.3 - Links and pages

You're fully allowed to link to our website whereever you want to. However, you must not copy any page of the domain Infraink.com and any of its subdomains. It's forbidden to link any of our pages in a frame on any other website. You're also not allowed to directly link to images on the domain Infraink.com without specific permission.

2.4 - Third party photos

Parts of our web interface and resources contain photos. They all belongs to different artists from Pexels.com. We do not own any rights on those photos. We're not responsible for your wrong use of those photos.

Disputes and complaints

3.1 - Complaints

If you own some of the content on the website and want it to be removed, just mail us and we'll remove it as quick as possible.

3.2 - Legislation

The agreements between Infraink.com and the user of these terms only refer to French law.